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13 Jan

Staying Safe While Experiencing the Love of Engagement

The word “congratulations” was a scary one last year, rarely used in a troubling time that had no end in sight.

In the coming year, we have hope, and I have a feeling, we will be using this word much more!

For many people in love, it has been very hard on them when they think of taking the next step together. Engagement should be a beautiful thing, and COVID made this amazing process a hassle and a burden for many. Trusting in a well-rounded and talented photographer to capture these photos with your soulmate is a must.

Philip Marcel Photography is a professional who has worked with so many to take photos that are cherished and bring memories back to life. Engagement photos are such an important part of the unity between two people, and they need to be prioritized. Philip Marcel Photography will do that for you. Our long work experience and knowledge behind a camera will produce photos that allow each of your personalities and love for each other to shine through!

Many couples this past year and in the coming year will opt for small ceremonies or even no ceremony at all in order to stay safe. This is a great idea that perseveres through the madness that is COVID, but photography of these events allows distant friends and family to remain part of your amazing day.

Though we have hope in this new year, we must remember that safety precautions are still very important until we are completely rid of the virus. Philip Marcel Photography will remain safe during the entire duration of your shoot and follow all guidelines to keep everyone out of harm’s way while also shooting the best photos for every couple.

I think we all agree that 2020 may not have been our year, but it did prepare us for a beautiful 2021! This year, I expect a year full of “congratulations.” Don’t miss out!

01 Dec

Graduation Pictures

With the semester coming to a close, graduation season is upon us. Graduation photos are an important part of the college experience; a way to remember and cherish the memories and accomplishments made. Whether they will be used for announcements, decorations or just for you, these photos should be done right. Your hard work these past four years does not go unnoticed and neither will your photos with Philip Marcel Photography.

Trusting in a professional to get the right shot is the best way to ensure that your photos will not disappoint. We will be sure to capture your personality and spirit while maintaining the quality of each photo to be sure that a moment this big is memorialized. We will also be able to guide each photo or give you ideas of an area, such as the stadium, and also help you get creative with each idea and add your individualism!

Since you are graduating this semester, I understand that this last year of your college experience has been a lot different from how you may have planned. COVID-19 has changed all of our lives, and you should be proud for persevering through this hard time to graduate! We have many safety precautions in place during this pandemic so that all photoshoots will keep you safe and healthy. Not only will a mask be worn at all times, but temperature checks also occur each day.

Remember all the hard work that you have done to get where you are now and book a session today!

17 Oct

Holiday Photography in Very Unique Times

With the holiday season quickly approaching, it is important to take the time to make memorable experiences with loved ones.

This year has been a tough one, and to remember the good times and positives is so vital in a time such as this. With something as important as capturing family memories, it is best to consider a professional like Philip Marcel Photography.

Whether your family looks like children running around, a family pet refusing to cooperate or a spouse on a very busy schedule, having a photographer will relieve the stress of holiday photos and increase the quality of every picture. We will be able to better set up a unique look, as well as make sure the lighting and filters are perfect for the holiday card.

Given the current climate, added safety precautions have become almost as important as the picture itself. Daily temperature checks and constant mask-wearing is guaranteed. While each photo will be very intimate, a safe distance between family and photographer is made possible with different lens types. Outdoor sessions may be arranged for added precaution and, if something comes up that forces rescheduling, we can adjust, as long as we’re not too close to the holidays.

This year has been full of negativity and unexpected news, and all of us have had to sacrifice many crucial experiences with loved ones. Let us not sacrifice the joy of the holiday season.

With important safety measures in place, your family holiday portraits will be the perfect way to spread cheer and love to those around you in a much-needed time.

09 Sep

Safety Measures Philip Marcel Photography is Taking With the COVID-19 Pandemic

No one could have predicted the twists and turns that 2020 has brought. The COVID-19 global pandemic has permanently changed the lives of many. Despite the seemingly overwhelming halt on normal activities, not all areas of life have stopped. Births, adoptions, family celebrations and virtual graduations are still happening every day.

COVID-19 should not stop you from safely embracing the positive experiences you’re having. In a time full of negativity and upsetting news, it is important to take time and relish in the good times.

Philip Marcel Photography can provide that for you.

Professional photography is an intimate experience but is done so at a safe distance. With varying lenses, I can safely shoot your professional photography session from six feet or farther away. Many of my clients have opted for outdoor sessions, giving more space and fresh air. I wear masks throughout the entire session, and I would absolutely be open to rescheduling if fears over potential exposure becomes an issue.

For those looking for professional videography, daily temperature checks and constant mask-wearing is a guarantee. Additionally, most sets are limiting the crew to as few people as possible. In no way is quality sacrificed. Your celebrations deserve to be celebrated, and it can be done so safely.

04 Jun

Professional Headshots: The First Impression Image

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Graduating students, lifelong professionals and business owners all have one thing in common: the need for a professional headshot. While the focus for many in receiving professional photography is on special events, such as weddings or birthdays, headshots are an important addition to any website or social media account as it serves as one of the components that makes up someone’s first impression.

With our community facing uncertain times, it is crucial for new graduates and business professionals to reenter the workforce prepared and organized. By hiring a professional photographer to capture your headshots, you are taking up an initiative that will give your online platforms a polished look.

Throughout my 15 years of photography experience, I have taken hundreds of headshots. Each one is able to capture the individuality of every person.

Ryan James, a fellow artist from Ocala, believes that headshots are timeless photographs that can give people a confidence boost.

“It’s showing people a side of yourself that can say so much about you in such a quick look,” James said. “I recommend it because it’s a great timepiece. I still have some of my old headshots whenever I had my first set of headshots done when I was 19- or 20-years-old.”

Beatriz Póvoas, one of my former clients, discussed the importance of having a professional headshot and strong online presence.

“Especially nowadays, having a good photograph is essential to be able to publicize your work regardless of the area in which it operates,” Póvoas said. “Certainly, a website and an online presence these days is indispensable.”

Her experience with my work was highly regarded.

“I was very satisfied with the work we did together,” Póvoas said. “I describe him (Philip) as a very dedicated and respectful professional.”

My photography sessions are flexible and unique to you and your business. Social distancing measures do not have to hinder your online presence. I can take all headshots from a six-foot distance, taking caution and care to ensure you have a safe experience. As the economy and businesses begin to open, it is necessary to keep information and pictures up to date. If you are interested in a professional headshot photography session, contact me for availability and prices at

25 Feb

Commercial production for political and judicial campaigns

Political and judicial campaigns have rapidly evolved in the past 20 years with the introduction of digital communication. While campaigns used to be much more subtle with candidates playing down their achievements, they now are dependent on reaching larger audiences and can become quite intense.

During years of presidential elections, TVs and radios are smothered with political and judicial campaign advertisements. For those running in local or district elections, it can be difficult to make yourself stand out from the pack. Despite this, local elections matter and it’s more important now than ever for local candidates to be able to share their platform with their constituents.

A key part of a campaign reaching its target audience and making itself stand out in the oversaturation is the campaign’s social media presence and quality of advertisements. By utilizing sites such as YouTube with creative and professional video advertisements, candidates can level the playing field regardless of the election being local, national or between an incumbent and a challenger.

As someone who has had more than 15 years of experience in various forms of videography and digital marketing, I cannot stress just how influential quality advertisements can be. For local elections, and even national ones, campaigns need to be able to connect with the individual. By highlighting in your advertisements, the personal connections that you as a candidate has to the community, you’re able to create a relationship with your constituents before even meeting them. As seen in my video advertisements for Craig DeThomasis for his run for Alachua County Judge (Group 2), DeThomasis discusses his relationship with the residents of the Gainesville area, showing his passion for judicial involvement.

If you are actively running in the 2020 election cycle, in either a political or judicial campaign, and in need of a digital marketing creator, contact me at

20 Dec

Holiday Photography

The winter season is full of annual traditions and excitedly awaited events. Between fall college graduation, holiday gatherings and the welcoming of the new year, there are plenty of moments that people hold onto for years. For any visiting family that may be in town, it can be a fun bonding experience to take family photos that everyone can share. Regardless of the occasion or holiday, the best way to capture all the memories from this time of year is with a variety of professional holiday photography.

The special memories should be captured well, showing just how important this time of the year is to you and your family. That’s why it’s important to hire a professional photographer.

Even with the new cameras on recently released phones, a professional photographer’s equipment and experience go the extra mile to ensure that your memorabilia of these special times are of the quality they deserve to be. Along with the artist’s touch and the ability to use lighting and angles to their advantage, professional photographers are able to bring out the personal connection you have with those being photographed in each photo.

As someone who has been doing photography for more than 15 years, I can assure you that these photos are some of the most cherished. Whether it’s for your frame at home, or to be sent out for a holiday card to all of your family and friends, hiring a professional will set your photos apart from the rest and capture the heartfelt emotion that will bring you back to the moment. So whether it is for the holidays or any special time when the family gathers, think of creating a permanent record of the moment with Philip Marcel Photography.

10 Oct

International Diamond Center Grand Opening

The Gainesville community has welcomed the International Diamond Center with open arms. A grand opening was held for IDC’s fifth location, and first in Gainesville, on August 15 at Celebration Pointe. More than 100 people attended. Taste catered the event, providing fresh and delicious food. Elio Piedra brought the Fiesta with music and entertainment. I was fortunate enough to shoot the special occasion.

International Diamond Center is a trusted company that offers a beautiful selection of the most renowned diamonds in the world. The grand opening showcased a variety of diamond engagement rings, diamond jewelry and luxury watches. The natural lighting of the store glistened off each piece of jewelry. An absolutely luxurious night.

Grand opening events for businesses new to the area are essential for creating a base of loyal customers. It’s important to capture the environment, the personality and the professionalism of each store. The identity and values of a business can all be communicated through photos when done professionally.

Here are some pictures from the festive night.

04 Mar

Graduation Photos

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With graduation season upon us, it’s time for one thing: photo sessions. Whether used for announcements, social media or personal accomplishment, grad photos are important to not only celebrate your achievements, but to document a major milestone in your life.

Grad photos are a great opportunity to let your personality shine through. Of course everyone wants a cap and gown picture in the stadium, but perhaps a stop by your college or favorite lunch spot would also make a great setting. These photos are meant to tell the story of your past four years; let them showcase you!

With a massive influx of students needing photos at once, many amateur photographers offer graduation photo packages. The importance of grad photos is not to be taken lightly, as you need these photos for multiple uses where many will see them. By trusting in a professional, you’re assured to get the shots you want without risking losing time and money.

Recently, I shot grad photos for Miss Florida USA 2019, Nicolette Jennings. While keeping the shoot more traditional, we took shots by the classic gator, as well as in and outside the stadium.

“He’s been one of my favorite photographers I’ve ever worked with,” Jennings said. “Not only does he get great photos, but he’s a blast to work with and your end results will be just what you want.”

When it comes to grad photos, ensure they’ll make you look your best by entrusting in a professional. After working hard for four or more years, your success deserves to be captured in a way you’ll cherish for a long time to come.

Miss Florida USA 2019 video

06 Feb

Personalities Behind the Pictures

The most effective photo shoots I can do are those where I have time to get to know the person or people I am shooting before I take the very first picture.

Getting to know my subjects before a shoot is of the highest importance, and it is a must for me. Even if it is the day of the shoot – just hours or even minutes before we start – I can make that connection. As a result, I understand them and their story better. That can only result in a better-quality project.

By spending that time, and learning about them, I can take notice of their natural expressions, posture, demeanor and more. Building this rapport right away goes a long way in getting them comfortable in front of the camera.

Generally, that’s easy because most of the time I am taking pictures for a good, fun reason.

The shoot associated with these pictures is a perfect example. Different from most of the commercial shoots I do, this one falls in the human-interest genre of editorial, as it was for a cover story for Ocala Magazine. The fascinating subject of this story – Kanyon Walker – is an eventing equestrian who recently early enrolled at Tulane University on a football scholarship. All the pictures were taken on his family farm in Ocala.

Kanyon is a fascinating young man. You can read his full story in the February issue of the magazine.

Unlike the subjects of many of my commercial shoots, Kanyon wasn’t selling a product or branding himself, though this publicity may certainly be used by him for some future branding, as he has big aspirations.

This shoot is different from many other commercial shoots I do as this is for a cover story. This falls in the human-interest genre of editorial.

For me, this shoot was a wonderful experience. Kanyon impressed me. As a young man, he is disciplined and focused on his goals. He has a high level of responsibility. It takes a lot to be the caretaker for his beautiful horse, Durango. Spending time with Kanyon actually gave me some hope for youth and humanity. Kudos to his parents and family.

As far as shooting editorial vs. commercial, in this case in particular, I got to meet some incredible and interesting people. I had some creative fun during the shoots. And, with commercial, I usually have to just sit on the information in excited anticipation with this knowledge and wait. But here it is. I was thrilled to be part of bringing this young man’s story to the public.