International Diamond Center Grand Opening

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The Gainesville community has welcomed the International Diamond Center with open arms. A grand opening was held for IDC’s fifth location, and first in Gainesville, on August 15 at Celebration Pointe. More than 100 people attended. Taste catered the event, providing fresh and delicious food. Elio Piedra brought the Fiesta with music and entertainment. I was fortunate enough to shoot the special occasion.

International Diamond Center is a trusted company that offers a beautiful selection of the most renowned diamonds in the world. The grand opening showcased a variety of diamond engagement rings, diamond jewelry and luxury watches. The natural lighting of the store glistened off each piece of jewelry. An absolutely luxurious night.

Grand opening events for businesses new to the area are essential for creating a base of loyal customers. It’s important to capture the environment, the personality and the professionalism of each store. The identity and values of a business can all be communicated through photos when done professionally.

Here are some pictures from the festive night.

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