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02 Aug

Photos and Videos Should be Part of Your Marketing Plan

Are you in need of a new marketing plan? As a photographer and videographer, I can help.

 Utilizing photos and designs into your marketing campaign is an amazing way to grasp your target audiences’ eye while also fully expressing what and who your business is made of.

These visuals are not just important for marketing a business, but for artists as well, like me.

Artists themselves need marketing in order to showcase their designs and talents. In a recent shoot, I created a marketing campaign for an artist from Portland ME, who needed images to broadcast her upcoming shows in Portland and Miami. These images will be used for her to print materials, use in emails, and market on social media, with images shown below.

Just as a business markets its products, it is important for you to advertise yourself as an artist, as well. This is to show your strengths, and to get your name out to prospective attendees or sponsors. Having the proper artist showcase and capture who you are in order to market your talent on all available platforms will only benefit you as an artist.

Remain confident in yourself, and confident in me. I can bring your talent to life and help gain you a following to become the prominent artist you can be.

13 Jun

The Importance of Imagery in Political Campaigns

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The use of images in political and judicial campaigns is more important than ever.

The rapidly evolving internet has provided the public with a chance to become more educated and aware of all candidates, both with larger and smaller degrees of popularity. It is important and a must-have for local candidates to use a videographer to reach larger audiences. 

Creating videos that help you reach your target audience, stand out from other political advertisements and embodying your personal beliefs and thoughts about major topics is my expertise. As someone who has been in the videography business for more than 15 years, I cannot stress enough the importance of quality advertisements. 

Providing opportunity for each and every individual to have their voice heard and their opinions seen is a major goal for me and my career. I believe that through my work, people are able to create the campaign that they need to reach the public.

Local candidates need their voices to be heard, now more than ever. Book an appointment with me today if you are running for a political or judicial campaign, and we will work together to make your voice heard. 

Here’s an example of a campaign we have done in the past:

10 May

Corporate Events

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The concept of social marketing and understanding the best ways to promote your business have grown extremely popular in the last few years.

With such intense globalization and internet expansion, all businesses are required to adapt to this new age of technology and promotion.

Through this, it can sometimes become easy for people to forget the importance of face-to-face companionship or business. Social corporate events are on the rise and creating videos or photos of these events is what proves to others the true fellowship companies have together.

Working as a professional photographer and videographer since 2000, I have the experience to do this right. My services will provide your corporation with the perfect advertisements and videos that let your events look the most exciting they can be!

We provide photography, on-site printing, videography, a photo booth and even a 360-photo booth for your enjoyment! This not only gives your employees something fun to do while they are at the event, but also gives you great memories to look back on. Photos are of global importance, and help you not only reach all areas of your business, but also go so much further. Book an appointment with me today!

14 Jan

Making Your Engagement and Wedding Memories Last

While creating memories with your loved ones is fun and exciting, having the ability to look back on these memories is what makes them last. Especially for the big moments in your life, such as your engagement or your wedding, you want to have something to look back on.

However, with these big moments, finding the right person you can trust to capture the true magic of them can be extremely stressful. That is where I come in. With my full team participating, you can rest assured that all parts of your magical day are with you forever.

I have been a professional photographer and videographer since 2000 and have been booked for hundreds of sessions for all sorts of events, including weddings and engagements.

I personally enjoy shooting for these major events the most because they create such beautiful memories for people to always have with them. I understand and appreciate how amazing these moments are for you and my effort to create a perfect experience will not go unnoticed.

As a long-studied photographer and videographer, I can help ease your stress, work with you to get exactly what you are looking for and get them back to you in a reasonable period of time. Put your trust in me; you will not regret it!

Sample wedding video:

28 Oct

Family Photos for the Holidays and Beyond!

Capturing moments and memories – that is what photos are all about. To give you a chance to relive and re-experience the joys you had at the time the photos were taken. To be able to freeze a moment in time. And for the past year or so, it may seem like there hasn’t been enough good memories that we want to capture. However, with the holiday season approaching, now is your chance for you and your family to make up for the lost time!

This holiday season is going to be such a great time for friends and family to reconnect after having so much time away. While we all look for more normalcy this holiday season as we did in years past, don’t forget to capture the moments!

As a photographer, family photos are some of my favorite sessions. To allow family to have these great moments together is very special to my heart, because I know that it is special to yours.

Make sure to cherish family time, and make sure to capture these family moments, to be able to see how much your children and grandchildren have grown, and to appreciate the normalcy of this holiday season that we used to take for granted. Book a session now!

08 Sep

eGift Cards

One of the best ways to capture a moment or memory is through photos.

With new technology being created and shared every day, it becomes easier and easier to keep those cherished memories. Many people want to have professional shoots done, but do not want to pay the extra fees. For those that want shots completed with loved ones or alone, here is the perfect gift: eGift cards!

            My eGift cards can be used in the same ways that traditional gift cards can be used. They can be bought on my website, and there is a link provided below that is a direct way to buy these cards. Any amount can be put onto these cards, and they will be accepted in the traditional fashion.

            These eGift cards are amazing because they offer a new opportunity to give the best gift – memories. The cards also allow you to give someone a photoshoot while also giving them the freedom to plan and execute the photo shoot.

They are truly the perfect gift, redeemable for anniversaries, holidays, graduation, professional headshots; anything you can think of! Click the link down below to get your eGift card, and I’ll see you soon!

20 Aug

The Importance of Headshots

Have you ever applied for a job, but when asked for a photo, nothing you had was appropriate?

Having professional headshots done every couple of years is extremely important to your image  and your personal brand. Having a photo that you can send along with resumes, applications or  to bosses can either help you or hurt you, depending on your quality photo.

When you have a professional headshot, you are guaranteed to make a good first impression. A headshot will allow you to take a further step into the professional world and give  a face to your name. A face that looks healthy and is appropriate.

And these shots should be done by Philip Marcel Photography.

I have years of experience in photography and specialize in helping small businesses thrive. This means that I have worked extremely hard with multiple companies, mainly shooting headshots. That gives me a wealth of experience with the job.

Do not wait until you need a headshot, and it is too late. Call and get one today! Keep your image updated and give a great first impression.

17 May

The Importance of Photo Archiving

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The evolution of technology has been both a blessing and a curse. With the aid of technology, photos are able to be shared and saved in a much simpler way than in the past.

However, many people still prefer the old school method of saving photos due to the fear of losing their cherished memories. Failed hard drives, a lack of access to your photos, or a dead computer can all lead to a loss of precious memories that you thought you would have forever. Luckily, there is a way to avoid this.

I not only work hard to edit and create the best pictures for you to have, but I give all of my clients access to a private gallery of their photos. By archiving my clients’ photos, there is never a chance of lost photos and my clients have personal access to every photo that we create together.

I do this for every client that I work with, since every client is so important to me. Having access to their private gallery means that photos can be shared with you as they are completed, so that you will get them quicker, and that you can then share them with your loved ones at any time.

Losing all of your photos is a terrible thing, and whether they are on a hard drive or backed up on a computer, the chance of losing them is always possible.

One recent example of the benefit of photo archiving occurred with a Realtor client who was at a conference preparing to make a presentation, when he suddenly realized he did not have access to the photos we shot for him. Because the photos were archived, we were able to send him the original link. He accessed the photos and make a successful presentation.

With access to a private gallery, your photos will never be lost. Don’t risk your photos getting lost and choose to create lasting memories by allowing me to photograph you.

21 Apr

The Importance of Photography in Promoting Your Business

The amazing idea of supporting small businesses has blossomed this past year, and many people are intentionally seeking out local businesses in order to do just that.

While this is a great idea, it’s pretty hard for people to find you or your company if you don’t have a website or another way for people to find your business. As a photographer, I can be there to help you on your way to discovery.

I work and have worked with smaller businesses to promote personal branding. Capturing the perfect photos for your website or advertisement, whatever you choose to do, is crucial to the success of your business. With marketing turning to the Internet, users only spend an average of 8-10 seconds every time they look at an ad. This does not give businesses a lot of time to get viewers interested. That means that the best way to get someone’s attention is going to be through an amazing photo, and that is something that I can provide for you. That means it is my job to capture a viewer’s eye for you; to help promote you to achievement.

When it comes to personal branding, having a photographer that works hard for themselves and for their clients is crucial to the success of the photo.

That’s the case with Berthina L. McGill, LMHC, Mental Health Counselor, and other professionals we can work with. Those business areas include private practice medical offices, independent auto repair shops, massage therapists, real estate agents, independent construction contractors and many more.

I promise to work with you and for you so that you can receive the perfect image that you want and deserve for your business. People are looking for you, so make sure that you are seen!


25 Feb

Capturing the Most Important Day of Your Life – Your Wedding!

Since you all now know that Philip Marcel Photography shoots engagements, here’s a reminder that we can be with you during the next step as well – the wedding.

After finishing up your engagement photos, we’re ready and happy to also work with you on your wedding photos and videos. Capturing perfect images for your perfect day is something we are deeply passionate about and would love to share with you!

With Valentine’s Day just behind us, many couples are planning for their big day. As a local photographer, we are here to work with you every step of the way. We fully understand the unique nature of wedding photography and videography and understand how important it is to get it right for you.

We are up to the task and  promise to make your wedding the priority it should be. When it comes to wedding images, we strive for perfection and nothing less.

Philip Marcel Photography has been capturing this special day for couples for 20 years. We have the experience to make your visual reminder of this day something you will treasure forever. Creating memories to recall the beauty of your wedding day is something we take seriously.

Especially during these unprecedented times, having the perfect photos and videos to be able to share with those that could not be there for the event is especially important.

Additionally, we work very carefully to make sure that health and safety are among the highest priorities while still capturing the greatest moments of your lives.

Put your faith in Philip Marcel Photography for your wedding memories. You will be glad that you did.