The Importance of Photo Archiving

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The evolution of technology has been both a blessing and a curse. With the aid of technology, photos are able to be shared and saved in a much simpler way than in the past.

However, many people still prefer the old school method of saving photos due to the fear of losing their cherished memories. Failed hard drives, a lack of access to your photos, or a dead computer can all lead to a loss of precious memories that you thought you would have forever. Luckily, there is a way to avoid this.

I not only work hard to edit and create the best pictures for you to have, but I give all of my clients access to a private gallery of their photos. By archiving my clients’ photos, there is never a chance of lost photos and my clients have personal access to every photo that we create together.

I do this for every client that I work with, since every client is so important to me. Having access to their private gallery means that photos can be shared with you as they are completed, so that you will get them quicker, and that you can then share them with your loved ones at any time.

Losing all of your photos is a terrible thing, and whether they are on a hard drive or backed up on a computer, the chance of losing them is always possible.

One recent example of the benefit of photo archiving occurred with a Realtor client who was at a conference preparing to make a presentation, when he suddenly realized he did not have access to the photos we shot for him. Because the photos were archived, we were able to send him the original link. He accessed the photos and make a successful presentation.

With access to a private gallery, your photos will never be lost. Don’t risk your photos getting lost and choose to create lasting memories by allowing me to photograph you.

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