The Importance of Photography in Promoting Your Business

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The amazing idea of supporting small businesses has blossomed this past year, and many people are intentionally seeking out local businesses in order to do just that.

While this is a great idea, it’s pretty hard for people to find you or your company if you don’t have a website or another way for people to find your business. As a photographer, I can be there to help you on your way to discovery.

I work and have worked with smaller businesses to promote personal branding. Capturing the perfect photos for your website or advertisement, whatever you choose to do, is crucial to the success of your business. With marketing turning to the Internet, users only spend an average of 8-10 seconds every time they look at an ad. This does not give businesses a lot of time to get viewers interested. That means that the best way to get someone’s attention is going to be through an amazing photo, and that is something that I can provide for you. That means it is my job to capture a viewer’s eye for you; to help promote you to achievement.

When it comes to personal branding, having a photographer that works hard for themselves and for their clients is crucial to the success of the photo.

That’s the case with Berthina L. McGill, LMHC, Mental Health Counselor, and other professionals we can work with. Those business areas include private practice medical offices, independent auto repair shops, massage therapists, real estate agents, independent construction contractors and many more.

I promise to work with you and for you so that you can receive the perfect image that you want and deserve for your business. People are looking for you, so make sure that you are seen!


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