Safety Measures Philip Marcel Photography is Taking With the COVID-19 Pandemic

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No one could have predicted the twists and turns that 2020 has brought. The COVID-19 global pandemic has permanently changed the lives of many. Despite the seemingly overwhelming halt on normal activities, not all areas of life have stopped. Births, adoptions, family celebrations and virtual graduations are still happening every day.

COVID-19 should not stop you from safely embracing the positive experiences you’re having. In a time full of negativity and upsetting news, it is important to take time and relish in the good times.

Philip Marcel Photography can provide that for you.

Professional photography is an intimate experience but is done so at a safe distance. With varying lenses, I can safely shoot your professional photography session from six feet or farther away. Many of my clients have opted for outdoor sessions, giving more space and fresh air. I wear masks throughout the entire session, and I would absolutely be open to rescheduling if fears over potential exposure becomes an issue.

For those looking for professional videography, daily temperature checks and constant mask-wearing is a guarantee. Additionally, most sets are limiting the crew to as few people as possible. In no way is quality sacrificed. Your celebrations deserve to be celebrated, and it can be done so safely.

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