Graduation Pictures

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With the semester coming to a close, graduation season is upon us. Graduation photos are an important part of the college experience; a way to remember and cherish the memories and accomplishments made. Whether they will be used for announcements, decorations or just for you, these photos should be done right. Your hard work these past four years does not go unnoticed and neither will your photos with Philip Marcel Photography.

Trusting in a professional to get the right shot is the best way to ensure that your photos will not disappoint. We will be sure to capture your personality and spirit while maintaining the quality of each photo to be sure that a moment this big is memorialized. We will also be able to guide each photo or give you ideas of an area, such as the stadium, and also help you get creative with each idea and add your individualism!

Since you are graduating this semester, I understand that this last year of your college experience has been a lot different from how you may have planned. COVID-19 has changed all of our lives, and you should be proud for persevering through this hard time to graduate! We have many safety precautions in place during this pandemic so that all photoshoots will keep you safe and healthy. Not only will a mask be worn at all times, but temperature checks also occur each day.

Remember all the hard work that you have done to get where you are now and book a session today!

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