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15 Mar

Miss Gainesville Scholarship Pageant 2018


This past Saturday, February 24th 2018, I had the pleasure of documenting the Miss Gainesville Scholarship Pageant. Titles were awarded for Miss Gainesville, Miss Lake City, Miss Gainesville Outstanding Teen and Miss Lake City Outstanding Teen.  This was my 3rd year shooting it and I was grateful to once again be chosen. Here are some of my favorite shots from the evening.

Beauty Pageant

Miss Gainesville Scholarship Pageant 2018

This past Saturday, February 24th 2018, I had the pleasure of documenting the Miss Gainesville Scholarship Pageant. Titles were awarded for Miss Gainesville, Miss Lake City, Miss Gainesville Outstanding Teen and Miss Lake City Outstanding Teen.  This was my 3rd year shooting it and I was grateful to once again be chosen. Here are some of my favorite shots from the evening.



28 Apr

Gainesville Family Portrait Shoot

On location family portraits.

Portraits, family photos.

The crew and I had a great time capturing the Amendola family on this shoot. As you’ll see there was a lot of energy in this young family! We photographed them in some beautiful locations in the Alachua County area and the weather was absolutely perfect! Its good to get in a fun shoot like this before that North Central Florida Heat waves begin.

Don’t let the heat discourage you from getting a shoot in though. Early evening mini-sessions turn out great.

Family Portrait Shoot

On location Portrait shoot

03 Feb

Flashback Friday: Gainesville Today Magazine, Editorial Photography

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This was a cover shoot I did for Gainesville Today Magazine. Cover shoots are really stylized portraits when you really consider it. The issue came about as it was the beginning of gala season in Gainesville. So, there was a lot of fantastic black tie and charity-driven events. This issue was to serve as a guide to the Gala Season! I was the photo editor and chief photographer for the magazine at the time of this shoot and I often got a chance to go to these events and take a lot of portraits of people. The creative director and I came up with the concept to have a male model represent this issue for this season. We always aimed to make the magazine the fashion magazine in Gainesville. Every cover was fashion-driven. A lot of thought and planning went into these stylized portrait shoots(Cover Shoots). From the theme of the magazine that month, to the model, to the clothing, the makeup,the setting and design. We used to have great creative collisions within the creative team, and sometimes we’d add unique elements. We were able to have our model suited by The Mens Wearhouse. of Course that promotion was good for them as well as they would have many guys in town renting tuxes from them for all of these gala events.

There was cool added element to this shoot, as I brought in my friends at Gainesville Lighting. They were able to add another dimension to our lighting set up for it. I knew I wanted to have a night time or a party/festive feel to this particular shoot. They were able to add a little blue and red that i used as gels for this portrait.

The one way to get people to pick up the magazine is to have dynamic images. Dynamic images intrigue people. If people are intrigued then there’s a good chance they’ll stop to take a look and even pick the magazine up and take it with them.

From Cover shoots, to stylized portraits, I can help to conceptualize a dynamic shoot that’ll produce dynamic images.

18 Jan

Santa in Paradise

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This project started as a dream, as many of my projects do.


In this particular dream, I was having cocktails and shooting the breeze with Santa and Mrs. Claus. We were all at a resort, poolside, while they gave me the rundown on what their holiday is really like. They said they love what they do, but they really like vacationing, too.


As silly as it sounds, I decided to make my dream a photo shoot reality. I know people named Tony and Penny who play Mr. and Mrs. Claus in real life. They were so gracious and willing to help me transform my dream into photos.

Capturing Mr. & Mrs. Clause


Photographing Santa

Cheer to the World!


09 May

A client’s story: Graduation


It was an honor to shoot this bright young man’s graduation photos. I know he has a great future ahead of him. Here’s his reflection on his time at the University of Florida.

“When I arrived at UF for my freshman year in the fall of 2012, I enrolled as an accounting major, not entirely sure what I wanted to do yet. I did not know what to expect because neither of my parents went to UF, and it was a completely new environment for me. Additionally, I was unsure how I would like going to a school that was only two hours from my home. Very quickly I realized how much this university had to offer. I joined Theta Chi Fraternity and got involved on campus with Gator Growl and Student Government Productions. My sophomore year, I found out about the Master of Science in Finance Combined Degree program UF offered, and I applied. I realized finance was something I was passionate about and knew this program was the best way to challenge myself. I was accepted in the spring of my sophomore year. I did not know at the time know how much this program would change me. The following fall I began taking my masters classes on top of my undergraduate classes. Very quickly I learned to adjust, knowing school was the most important thing at this time, as well as my personal preparation for investment banking interviews. In December I was invited to NYC for a final round interview (after many phone interviews) with Jefferies LLC for a chance to land one of their summer analyst positions in their investment-banking group. The interview was tough but I left feeling confident, and was fortunate enough to receive an offer. That summer at Jefferies made me quickly realize how college is not “real life,” and how amazing and special it really is. It made me appreciate my family, my friends and my free time. But don’t get me wrong, I loved my summer there as I felt it not only ignited my passion for finance, but when you work 80-100 hour weeks, you quickly get a new perspective for how some things in life are truly not appreciated. As the summer closed out, I found out I had received an offer to return to Jefferies LLC in NYC for full-time and immediately accepted it. Not having to look for a job senior year was truly a weight off my shoulders; all my hard work had finally paid off. Senior year was much more relaxing, leaving me time to check things off my UF or Gainesville bucket list, as well as study for level I of the CFA exam which UF gave me a scholarship to take. Fall game days really were special in my last year, as I knew these were and will be some of the best times of my life. In December I finished out my undergraduate degree and passed level I of the CFA exam. Spring of senior year was something different. It was full of mixed emotions as now I was a full-time grad student, but knew everything was winding down. It was almost as there was always a countdown clock going in the back of my mind. Emotions were both happy and sad. I did things I’d never done before, like make spontaneous road trips with my best friends, as well as force myself to leave my comfort-zone and try new things. May 1st, 2016 I officially graduated with my masters, and so came to a close my time at UF. Never in my dreams did I think I’d fall in love with a town, a campus, a stadium, a school, a profession, or the Gator nation. I simply can’t comprehend all that UF has lent me in terms of personal growth, maturity, triumphs and downfalls, and friends. I leave this university knowing that it has forever changed me, and I have forever changed it (as small as that may be). The University of Florida will always hold a special place in my heart, and the friends I made here will always be a part of my life. Once a Gator, always a Gator.”

-Brian C. Lanoue

25 Apr

Opening Night at the Hippodrome: “The Elephant Man”

Event Photography

Poster for Elephant Man at the Hippodrome Theatre

It’s always a blast to photograph the VIP opening night of Hippodrome plays.The opening night of The Elephant Man on April 15th was certainly no exception.

The play, based on a true story, was very well done and exceeded my expectations. Despite the heaviness of the situation, it still managed to have good-natured humor in it. It really made me appreciate the work the actors put into the show.

The cast photos, which have a few traditions, are one of my favorite parts of the night. The cast gets silly and we take tons of fun pictures. That helps the event goers have fun with the pictures as well. Everyone loosens up and has a great time.