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You have one opportunity to capture your event before it is gone forever. This is why choosing the right event photographer and ensuring they are well prepared is key. I’ve had the opportunity to shoot special events throughout my career, and I have enjoyed every second of it. I am an in-demand freelance photographer and cinematographer who specializes in creating beautiful imagery. I continue to work as an event photographer for local and national clientele, and it has been a mission of mine to provide high quality images to private client base.

I have been able to develop great relationships with my clients, and this has given me the opportunity to communicate with them in a manner that enables me to understand their needs and wants. And they know what to expect from me.

Event photography is about telling a story of the event to someone who wasn’t there, without using words. I am there to capture life as it unfolds, and it is crucial for me to take anticipation and advantage of every single moment considering that there are no second chances.

My approach to any event that I am hired to photograph is to first, listen to my client. This is essential because I can therefore get a sense of what their event is all about; what’s important to them and what kind of images they’re looking for at the end of the day.

Each event is unique. I’ve had the honor to photograph events in Gainesville such as The Hippodrome opening shows, weddings, graduation photos of Miss Clearwater and Miss Gainesville, the Miss Gainesville Pageant and more. I’m delighted that I am able to apply my photography skills and ultimately making my client content and satisfied with my results.

My mission and purpose is to deliver lasting memories with passion and enthusiasm, I want my clients to feel confident that their needs will be met, and all they have do is be themselves, since I’ll be capturing every emotion and detail to makes these moments unforgettable.

When you hire me for an event you get the benefit of years of experience, professional skills and someone that knows how important your event is to you.

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