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10 Feb

A Portrait of a DJ- A New York City Experience

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Portrait Photography

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A portrait of a DJ.

This is a true #fbf or Flashback Friday. I was shooting with a 35mm back then. This photo is circa 1998.  While visiting some friends in New York, we took many great strides in having an impromptu photo session. We arrived at a street party in a park in the Bronx. The young woman who immediately caught my eye was spinning music. I wasn’t accustomed to seeing a female DJ. And seeing one spin out in the open in a park. But we were in the Bronx; the birthplace of hip hop. It was a fun time. Sometimes it pays to just carry your camera around and like a tourist. I like being able to hop out of  a car with my camera in hand and capturing one of those fleeting moments in time.  I wish i could recall what she was mixing.  I just know that I was excited to grab a shot. I’d taken no other like it up to that point in my young exploration of photography up to that point.