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28 Apr

Gainesville Family Portrait Shoot

On location family portraits.

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The crew and I had a great time capturing the Amendola family on this shoot. As you’ll see there was a lot of energy in this young family! We photographed them in some beautiful locations in the Alachua County area and the weather was absolutely perfect! Its good to get in a fun shoot like this before that North Central Florida Heat waves begin.

Don’t let the heat discourage you from getting a shoot in though. Early evening mini-sessions turn out great.

Family Portrait Shoot

On location Portrait shoot

02 Jun

Family Photography

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It’s finally June, which means Father’s Day is quickly approaching. Now is a good time to start considering family photos. Recently, I did a family photo shoot with the McLeavy family. Here are some of the client’s thoughts:

“Phillip, just a quick note to say how happy we are with our family photos. Thanks for making us feel at ease during our photography session. You have an excellent manner about you, and thanks for taking such a personal interest in our family. Your talent for photography and your patience when dealing with the little ones made this process simple, and more importantly, fun for us all. We especially loved the variety of photos you took. The location of or shoot was spot-on and captured not just our family, but also the area in which our children have grown up. They will be proud to share these photos with their own families in the future. Thank you for sharing your time talent and patience with our family.

Being a Dad is by far the greatest accomplishment a man can wish for. There is no better feeling than seeing your children grown and develop into their own person both physically and intellectually. My favorite times as they are young are those “look how fast I can run in my new shoes” moments and the “look how high I can jump” experiences. As those moments evolve, suddenly it is not about how fast they can run or jump but how good they can look while doing it. As my oldest nears adulthood I look forward to seeing just how far he runs or how high he will jump. I know that my “Dad” shoes keep me running fast and jumping for joy each and every day. Dads are awesome.”

– Chuck McLeavy